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“In school I sucked at Memorizing and I remember feeling so stressed that I would come to tears for feeling stupid. 
Eventually, I stopped putting forth as much effort as I should have and started to rebel." – Tanner Warren Bolden
We need 14 High School students who are willing to share their struggle, suffering, and pain to Memorize. Possibly You?
Children Attending K-12 Pubic Education: 56.6 Million
It's Never To Late To Learn How-To-Memorize & How-To-Create!
The Creative Process is The Most Successful Method in History for Achieving Your Goals!
What Must We Learn From America's TQM Guru?
"Only The Method Matters." - W. Edwards Deming
We Must Expose This Unintended Child Abuse?
Never Tell What-To-Do Before Teaching How-To-Do
Why Do Politicians And Educators Fail To Act?
I've Shared This Child Like Message With Hundreds
What Can We Learn From Actor Jeff Bridges?
This Is America's Trim Tab To Create Positive Change!
What Can We Learn From John Archibald Wheeler?
"To my mind there must be, at the bottom of it all, . . .
What Must We Learn From Sept 11th Deaths?
Those Responsible Failed to Take Notice & Take Action
What Must We Learn From Las Vegas Shooting?
Those Responsible Failed to Take Notice & Take Action
Are You Able To Find Any Evidence In America?
Since 1635 Not 1 Child Taught How-To-Memorize
What Do High School Students Have To Say?
They Want To Know Why Adults Do Not Take Action
An Incredibly Costly And Non Full Proof Solution?
Governor Scott Proposes $500 Million Safety Program
Nightmares About 3-Digit Combination Lock?
1st Memorize 22-7-43 And Then Memorize P-S-W
Student Loan Debt In 2018: $1.5 Trillion Crisis?
Student Loan Debt Now 2nd Highest Debt Category
72% of Americans Don't Have A College Degree?
Nearly One In Three (31%) Completely Drop Out
80% Of Americans Are Over Weight Or Obese?
Due To Focusing In-Ward Instead of Focusing Out-Ward
Why Are NBA Games So Competitive & Exciting?
It's All About The Constant Refinement of The Rules
What Are The Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease?
Extreme Shrinkage of Hippocampus Memory Area 
1 Way Of Developing Structural Sensitivity?
Terence Dunn's T'ai Chi for Health: Yang Short Form 
Who's W. Edwards Deming?
America's Founding Father of Total Quality Management
Who's Harry Lorayne?
America's Founding Father of Memorizing
Who's Robert Fritz?
America's Founding Father of Creating
Who's Tony Parinello?
America's Founding Father of Selling to VITO
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